A technology song & dance? Hiring celebrities like Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake as creative directors of company product.

Posted by on Feb 27, 2013

Alicia Keys creative director of Blackberry?  What’s the benefit of someone being able to say, “Hey, look the woman that sang “Fallin'” designed my phone!”  If like Beats by Dre, you’ve paid $300 for better name than product.

Also wouldn’t it be weird to fire your creative director of a technology product simply because people stop buying or listening to his or her songs? Or gets into a fight with Nicki Minaj? Rather than the success or failure of the product they are shepherding?

Just what does Justin Timberlake, wealthy musician, who looks like he gets bottle service when he’s out drinking bring to the table of a domestic, mid-priced beer? Besides trying to convince young kids who are fleeing beer for higher-end beer and spirits to drink it?

I know it’s the new way people are branding their products (like Steve Jobs to Apple) to say the public that a creative force they respect is behind the making or inspiration of their products. Fine, but to be more than a flimsy gimmick, there really needs to be visible synergy between the celebrity and credibility of the creative director and the strength of the product. Years ago, Disney came out with a line of golf clubs. Disney is large, undoubtedly powerful creative force, yet that couldn’t make up for the fact and the failure of the golf club line. Especially when users can make the connection of how the creative credibility of one source empowers the value of a product.

The fact that Alicia Keys had to explain why she seemed to tweet a message with an iPhone as creative director of Blackberry didn’t help.

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