Does This News Make Me Look Fat? How America’s Junk Food Media Diet Makes Us Mentally Obese. And The Diet Plan For Fitness.

Author: Brooks Richey

ISBN 978-0-9851849-0-2

Imprint: Omena Publishing

Media is food. A consumable vessel that can hold knowledge nutrients we need for our minds to thrive. And like food, consuming media at gluttonous levels and with lack of attention to nutritious quality can make us mentally flabby and unfit.

It’s happening in America. Faced with a wealth of media options and little diet willpower, we gorge on tasty fast-food entertainment opinion and news media exponentially over substantive content. Bloated with “fatty” and “junk” data, our minds are becoming intellectually distorted.  To cognitively weak to perform heavy reasoning tasks. So mentally out of shape, we are easily led by emotionally felt but fact-free claims. A condition called mental obesity. Now an epidemic. So much:

  • 20% still believe the sun revolves around the Earth
  • 33% think freedom of religion doesn’t apply to groups they believe are extreme or fringe
  • 50% of Americans who get government assistance (like Medicare student loans, Social Security) believe they’ve never taken money from the government
  • 20% think the current president is Muslim
  • Only 41% can name the current Vice President of the United States
  • Only 38% of Americans can pass the test for American citizenship

People feel the frustration of the mentally obese and the junk food media culture that feeds them, but no one really has the tools and training to understand how to recognize, much less control, the influence of their media consumption. Until now.

Does This News Make Me Look Fat? How America’s Junk Food Diet Makes Us Mentally Obese. And The Diet Plan For Fitness is a diet and media nutrition guide for adults and their children to balance media consumption in a way to keep, or even get back, a firm lean muscular mind and make better-informed life decisions.

Does This News Make Me Look Fat? will show readers that, like a cupcake, delicious media you like doesn’t always mean nutritious media. It shows readers how to “taste” the flavors in media. Plus help readers learn to identify the media ingredients within the taste. Good ingredients, like facts. Bad, like pop-logic arguments. Skills that let readers make healthy content choices, not just tasty ones.

Since mentally obesity is a nutrient imbalance, Does This News Make Me Look Fat? also gives you tools to create a balanced, well-rounded media diet. It does it in a form so easy, you probably used it as a child: a media “food pyramid.” A graphic model outlining the desired mix of data nutrients and categories required for good nutrition.

You don’t pick food based on left or right views. Nor does Does This News Make Me Look Fat? Like a diet, the book lets the reader choose a healthy mix of nutritious media ingredients within their own tastes and preferences. So you can diet and still have your favorite media brands and comfort foods that fit your diet. Just eat balanced and responsibly!

America has lots of diet books for a fit body. It’s time there was one for a fit mind. Now there is.

Does This News Make Me Look Fat? How America’s Junk Food Diet Makes Us Mentally Obese. And The Diet Plan For Fitness

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