13 April

Let’s Admit It. No One Reads Copy

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“No one reads copy.” I hear that a lot in marketing and UX related meetings. A phrase usually delivered to me by a client as if they are reluctantly crushing a child’s innocence about the existence of Santa Claus. A frank, yet sympathetic message usually followed by the words, “no offense.” I say, “None taken.” […]

10 February

Why consumers aren’t connecting the connected home dots. Yet.

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Without a doubt, this is the dawn of the age of the connected home. An era that will revolutionize our relationship with once “dumb” household appliances. The seeds of this revolution are already planted in the marketplace. More and more connected devices like smart thermostats, power outlets, lights and cameras fill the shelves at stores […]

5 September

Function follows form? The Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch and the flawed rush to release smart watches.

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Samsung just revealed their Galaxy Gear smart watch. A touch-screen watch that talks to your phone. Tracks your steps. And lo, the crowd beheld this device and shouted onto the heavens… “Meh.” Phone connectivity? A pedometer? Those are features. Not ideas.  Not a paradigm shift. It’s just slapping one thing onto another. It’s like putting […]

3 August

Why the Publicis Omnicom merger signals the transformation (and possibly death) of advertising.

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Post Publicis Omnicom merger announcement, the industry chat flutter is all about how client rosters and staffing will play out due to the merger between two large advertising holding companies. Publicis based in France and Omnicom based in the US. Here’s why this short-term focus is like the cliché of people arranging desk chairs on […]

17 June

BYOD: My Phone But My Boss’ Eyes And Ears. Will personal and enteprise apps on the same device make you more productive or paranoid?

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The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement has become an integral part of the enterprise. Data center networks now allow your store-bought phone or tablet to securely access company data and work applications–allowing you to do your job anywhere, anytime. You can install enterprise apps to input and manage company data from your own device. […]

20 May

“Wanted: Nuclear Fusion Development Intern.” When internships are abused to acquire skills, not teach them.

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One of my former clients a few years ago managed internships for organizations. The firm’s job was to help companies, small and large, realize the mutual value of internships for both intern and employer. Instead of having them do traditional make-work like fetching coffee or copying documents, this company encouraged employers to utilize their college-level […]

18 March

First-mover disadvantage. Why being the first doesn’t ensure you won’t end up last.

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We all know Henry Ford invented the first car. Undoubtedly revolutionary. Undoubtedly changed the world. And yet, also undoubtedly today, no would actually buy the Model T to drive around in. Ford, the creator and company of the first car, isn’t even the leader in the car market. To do that, it has to pass […]

5 March

How and what advertisers track about you online: Infographic

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You’d be surprised what information can be collected about you during your online web browsing. Advertisers, in conjunction with third-party firms, collect information about you ranging from websites you visit, products you likes, political views, health issues, and personal finances.  

5 March

Introducing the “iDon’t care” from Apple. Why Apple’s iWatch will fail.

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To answer why Apple’s iWatch will fail, a bigger question needs to be answered: Why is Apple a leading tech company and one of the world’s largest companies? The same reason why Henry Ford was able to build a large company like The Ford Motor Company. He created a product that truly solved a problem […]

1 March

Brother, can you Bump me a dime? Is technology changing the dynamics of panhandling?

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Is technology changing the dynamics of panhandling? The changes in technology are affecting us all. Even those down on their luck-some suffering-and the our moments in our lives that intersect with the unfortunate. A recent encounter made me think about this. I was walking through a train station to go to Starbucks for coffee. A […]