25 April

Petunia. How a children’s book illustrates the difference between gaining knowledge from media or just an identity.

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I read this book in first grade. Petunia. A book by Roger Duvoisin about a goose named Petunia who finds an book. She never reads it, but always carries it under her wing as she walks around the farm. She does so under the belief that from simply having the book, she is wise. And […]

22 April

Why personality marketing (social media) is not natural for companies.

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In my previous post (link here). I asked companies to stop thinking about social media as social media and think about it more in the mindset of “personality marketing.” Selling yourself, before your product. Now I want to talk about why living up to that concept is easier said than done for most companies. The […]

18 April

Are media companies worried about the effects of media consolidation? This video (and its mysterious disappearance could be telling.

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In my upcoming book Does The News Make Me Look Fat? , I talk about how media consumption works like food consumption. In this model, there are people that gather, manufacture and make the media food we eat. Media companies hire writers and journalists to harvest he data materials that are processed by media production […]

15 April

Stop calling social media, “social media.” It’s personality marketing.

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Technically there’s nothing wrong with using the term “social media.” But it’s one of those terms that, unless you’re immersed in it, is cursed with being relegated to marketing buzzword. A word spread like verbal wallpaper to covering every marketing or promotion discussion just to impress. Even people, who don’t understand it, throw it around […]