Video: How to build a recession-proof employment plan

Posted by on Jul 12, 2012

Caught this watching some TED Talks presentations. Wanted to share it because I think it reflects the dynamics and changed opportunities of the new job market that people aren’t quite getting yet.

Instead of begging companies as he first did, companies now come to this young twenty-something who admits he isn’t a boy genius. Why? Young Charlie Hoehn discovered that the standard advice he had originally received for a successful career was useless in today’s job market. His career strategy keynote for TED demonstrates how to become recession-proof and land a job you actually want after college or university. Particularly gaining skills that are in high-demand and difficult to learn. An interesting speech considering one of the biggest issues in employment is a huge miss-match of worker current skills vs and now-desired skill demands. Also I love the wake up call he gives to graduates including: stop acting entitled (I hear that one from a lot of parents). Your standard resume is a mere commodity in the new digital age, You need new platforms to reach job contracts. And Monster, Craigslist and Career builder are a waste of time for most job hunters (or as Hoehn calls them, “the domains of the mediocrity”).

If you are young, or an older person trying to make their career recession-proof, check out this video. I do think it does make you think about your career path and either getting a job or making it recession-proof in a helpful new way worth sharing. Without paying the $7000 to go to TED talks.

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