13 April

Let’s Admit It. No One Reads Copy

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“No one reads copy.” I hear that a lot in marketing and UX related meetings. A phrase usually delivered to me by a client as if they are reluctantly crushing a child’s innocence about the existence of Santa Claus. A frank, yet sympathetic message usually followed by the words, “no offense.” I say, “None taken.” […]

10 February

Why consumers aren’t connecting the connected home dots. Yet.

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Without a doubt, this is the dawn of the age of the connected home. An era that will revolutionize our relationship with once “dumb” household appliances. The seeds of this revolution are already planted in the marketplace. More and more connected devices like smart thermostats, power outlets, lights and cameras fill the shelves at stores […]

2 January

The best training for UX and technology professionals: Your parents.

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Every Christmas, after Santa Claus comes to my parents’ home, I come: the family’s unofficial IT & Tech support person. I’m minus the red hat, white beard and (for now, knock on wood) the belly like a bowlful of jelly. My job, like most children of senior-aged parents, is to install, connect, fix, update every […]

16 December

Survivor: My Mobile Phone. Why apps need to start “surviving” your mobile device. And here’s the ones that survived mine.

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Let’s face it, with over 1 million apps on the Apple App Store alone, the novelty of downloading and collecting apps with giddy, reckless abandon is quickly fading. This year, as I’m doing a lot of work in the mobile development and user experience for mobile for firms, I’ve downloaded a lot of apps to […]

25 May

Professions that will soon find themselves in the HR office getting pink slips.

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Hello industries, won’t you please take a seat? We need to talk about your future. Particularly the lack of one. Your job is about to be phased out in about 10 years or likely less if you are in one of these professions: Office Supply Store Workers Even now it’s like watching a family member […]

27 April

Why I wrote Does This News Make Me Look Fat?

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My book Does This News Make Me Look Fat? is officially launching in a few days, Tuesday the 1st of May starting with Amazon. As friends and peers become aware, they often ask why I wrote it. As a media executive and consultant, I love media. A love that only grew in my background as […]