If social media is so good, why doesn’t Apple embrace social media for itself?

Posted by on Jul 23, 2012

Apple has some social media properties. But yet it seems agnostic or downright disinterested in growing its brand on social media properties like Pinterest or Facebook. While most companies have social media sharing icons near posted content across the web, Apple’s are either non-existent or hard to see.

Seeing a technology company as large as Apple that markets products to the public and not do social media in a big way, strikes me a strange. Most of our connection with Apple comes through either rumors, ads and walking into an Apple store. Apple talks about all the way its products help you communicate and share. A principle only to seem to recieve a big “nah” when it has the opportunity to do it for themselves. So three thoughts on this:

Is this a case of the cool kid who’ll tell you do things he finds entertaining when you do it and but demeaning if he has too?

Is this the arrogance of Apple? Like Microsoft’s old approach: “if we we liked it, we’d make one of our own?”

Or is it a case of just not digging the well before you’re thirsty? That Apple isn’t using social media to build the relationships it needs now to establish and maintain connections to the brands once the public mania for their products dies down and people want to be hand-held more?

You tell me. I’ll tell you this either way, this may likely hurt them in the future. Remember Apple’s social media property Ping? No, you probably don’t. That’s the problem.

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