Introducing the “iDon’t care” from Apple. Why Apple’s iWatch will fail.

Posted by on Mar 5, 2013

To answer why Apple’s iWatch will fail, a bigger question needs to be answered:

Why is Apple a leading tech company and one of the world’s largest companies?

The same reason why Henry Ford was able to build a large company like The Ford Motor Company. He created a product that truly solved a problem and changed the game. Ford created a product that moved us from horse-drawn carriages to horseless vehicles called automobiles. Creating a new way of life, with new opportunities and possibilities that we can’t imagine living without today.

Apple moved from near bankruptcy to tech leader in less than 10 years when it began to develop products that clearly solved a problem and changed the game. The iPod & iTunes eliminated music bulk, enabled greater music accessibly and gave music lovers greater control over their music. The iPhone made our life, data and ability to communicate mobile. The iPad made larger documents easier to access and share anytime and eliminated bulky briefcases stuffed full of documents and magazines. And Apple TV, still evolving, could change the face of television. All in all, you have to admit, a pretty successful product family.

So where does the rumored iWatch fall into that category? It’s hard for me to imagine a new Apple buyer exclaiming, “Oh look, all my data is on my arm, instead of in my pocket, my phone, or my tablet? My mind is blown…”


We also live in a world where the surest sign to identify anyone over the age of 35 is to see if they are wearing a watch. So I’m sure kids will jump on this device.  In fact, this all seems to be such counter-intuitive thinking, I’m wondering if iWatch rumors are just that.

Either way, given an unforeseen twist, the proposed iWatch is merely a technological parlor trick. It’s not a paradigm shift that solves problems and opens up new possibilities. Just a new place for existing technology. No different than if Apple was to introduce the iBeltBuckle.

If that’s the case, the iWatch’s only measurable success will it’s failure and proving to the public what its suspected from the latest iPhone 5 and iPad 4 introductions and the rise of Samsung: though they still have great products, Apple is no longer the go-to company for innovation.

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