27 February

A technology song & dance? Hiring celebrities like Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake as creative directors of company product.

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Alicia Keys creative director of Blackberry?  What’s the benefit of someone being able to say, “Hey, look the woman that sang “Fallin’” designed my phone!”  If like Beats by Dre, you’ve paid $300 for better name than product. Also wouldn’t it be weird to fire your creative director of a technology product simply because people […]

27 January

Will the advertising industry finally confess it’s indifference to encouraging diversity?

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Does the advertising industry’s PR offensive about commitment to diversity stand up in the real world? Advertising has a remarkable ability to create a perception of a product or issue that’s different than the reality some experience at the point of product contact (I’ve never gotten a hamburger that looks as un-squished, steaming hot and […]

12 January

The love affair with Apple is over. Now the real customer relationship with Apple can begin.

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We all know what the first stage of love is like. An emotional surge that overwhelms our logic and reason. Life doesn’t seem complete without the object of our affection in your life. Sound familiar, Apple users? I’m among them and I’ll admit it. It’s a phase in love where the person you love can […]

2 January

The best training for UX and technology professionals: Your parents.

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Every Christmas, after Santa Claus comes to my parents’ home, I come: the family’s unofficial IT & Tech support person. I’m minus the red hat, white beard and (for now, knock on wood) the belly like a bowlful of jelly. My job, like most children of senior-aged parents, is to install, connect, fix, update every […]

16 December

Survivor: My Mobile Phone. Why apps need to start “surviving” your mobile device. And here’s the ones that survived mine.

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Let’s face it, with over 1 million apps on the Apple App Store alone, the novelty of downloading and collecting apps with giddy, reckless abandon is quickly fading. This year, as I’m doing a lot of work in the mobile development and user experience for mobile for firms, I’ve downloaded a lot of apps to […]

12 September

The iPhone 5 is now the Toyota Camry of smartphones.

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Analysis of the iPhone 5: “To use a car analogy, six years ago the iPhone was like a sexy new flagship model from BMW or Porsche. Today it’s a Toyota Camry. Safe, reliable, boring. The car your mom drives. The car that’s so popular that its maker doesn’t dare mess with the formula.” This quote […]

4 September

Obama chair Twitter response shows the most crucial part of social media management, making technology human and responsive.

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Already launching a series of memes, the Clint Eastwood chair sketch is turning out to be the most memorable part of last week’s Republican National Convention. It is the sketch where Clint Eastwood, the famous actor, speaks to an empty chair as a stand-in for Barack Obama, the current president of the United States. Some […]

16 August

VCRs. CDs. 8-Track tapes, I’d like you to meet our newest member of the old and uncool club: Facebook.

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Apparently, among the youth, Facebook now has the equivalent of someone with an “old people smell” to younger, fickle social media users. Facebook. You remember it, right? Something used back in the old-en days of Paris Hilton and Powerpuff Girls. 2008. Ah a simpler time. This Facebook trend captured by this young girl, Maxine Guttmann: […]

7 August

In the wake of Chick-fil-A, are “restaurant values” becoming the next compatibility check box on your Match.com profile? Should marketers be worried?

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As Chick-fil-A and Starbucks seem to be on the forefront of the age of “Restaurant Values” now entering the field of identity politics, I’m wondering if restaurants will become to the new astrological signs for date and relationship compatibility? Imagine, “Hey baby, what’s your sign? “Applebee’s?” Oh, I’m more compatible with a Red Lobster.” Perhaps […]

30 July

The missing part of most creative briefs. The “So What!?” factor.

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Someone recently asked me that, if I wrote a creative brief, what information would I add to improve it? Having written them many times, I replied with what I think is sorely missing from most creative briefs… “So what?” That’s what I would add (and answer) in the creative brief. Right after the section about […]