23 July

If social media is so good, why doesn’t Apple embrace social media for itself?

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Apple has some social media properties. But yet it seems agnostic or downright disinterested in growing its brand on social media properties like Pinterest or Facebook. While most companies have social media sharing icons near posted content across the web, Apple’s are either non-existent or hard to see. Seeing a technology company as large as […]

16 July

In social media marketing, why each of us are personal Wi-Fi networks of content.

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Most of us have a Wi-Fi router in our homes and likely know how one basically works. Your Wi-Fi router takes the signal that comes from your Internet provider and allows you to split, share and distribute that signal to other users connected to the same network. In terms of social media, each of us […]

12 July

Video: How to build a recession-proof employment plan

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Caught this watching some TED Talks presentations. Wanted to share it because I think it reflects the dynamics and changed opportunities of the new job market that people aren’t quite getting yet. Instead of begging companies as he first did, companies now come to this young twenty-something who admits he isn’t a boy genius. Why? […]

9 July

Is the marketing and business community hypnotized by technology? Technology zombies?

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I’d like to submit a new word into the lexicon: Mass Technosis. Like hypnosis, it’s when business and industry get hypnotized by the hype of a technology. Mesmerized and led in their actions by hype and buzzwords around technology more than moving forward with a practical understanding or application of the technology. Walking around like […]

1 July

Why the latest Apple-iPhone-Siri ads are strategically flawed.

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Lately we’ve seen Siri-related Apple iPhone ads featuring Samuel L. Jackson, John Malkovich and Zooey Deschanel. That is a key change in Apple’s marketing strategy (using celebrities). And not a good one. I’ll explain. For years, Apple ads have been successful in making the product and its benefits the star. So why the sudden borrowed […]

1 July

Media literacy lesson: Covering story is not the same thing as covering the news.

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“We’ll cover the story” You’ll hear that from some news outlets. “Getting the story.” Though some media outlets tend to use the terms interchangeably, getting the “news” and a “story” are not the same thing. A story, which could simply be a tale or a narrative (like Cinderella), is not the same thing as the […]

28 June

The common flaw analyzing social media metrics. And why the Star Wars Prequels teach a good lesson.

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A yardstick is a great ruler, but can’t measure happiness or a brand. Or the true success of a Star Wars movie. What do I mean? Consider this. If rated by sales and theatre attendance, the prequels to the Star Wars movies (The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith) are […]

27 June

Media literacy lesson: And So Goes The Nation. How messaging strategists think about political campaigns.

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Media literacy is a skill to have – especially when it comes to political messaging. That’s why it’s good to take a really good look at the spin doctors and strategists behind the John Kerry and George Bush presidential campaign teams in this documentary “And So Goes The Nation.”  Each side talks about their challenges […]

25 June

Media literacy lesson: If media is left or right at its core, Why didn’t Fox News accept MSNBC’s surrender in 2002?

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Why liberal and conservative media are nothing more than brands like Coke and 7Up. It wasn’t that long ago (around 2002, just before the Iraq War) that MSNBC, now considered Fox News’ liberal cable news doppelganger, was envious of Fox News’ considerable lead in audience ratings. High ratings some attributed to its brand of conservative […]

20 June

Media literacy lesson: What’s the sound of one person lying. Often, the truth.

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Sound like a Zen riddle but true: The best way to lie to people is with hard facts. Ask the spin doctors their little secret.  One important for good media literacy. That using facts and telling the truth is a great way to lie. In fact it’s the best and most effective way. I’ll show […]