19 June

The buried lead in this Fast Company article that should frighten the advertising industry.

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Read this story from Fast Company “Ad Industry: Here’s Why Your Best Talent Is Leaving And What You Can Do About It,” and you’ll find the buried lead in this story should be disturbing to ad professionals: companies are being way more creative than their ad agencies. Let’s admit it, though some of us in […]

18 June

Media literacy lesson: Don’t Confuse “That’s outrageous” for “That’s untrue.”

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Part of having good media literacy skills is to know when words are being used to imply a statement, when its true meaning does not support it. This is a good example. “That’s outrageous!” A term used by some media and politicians. Usually during a scandal. Often used by a politician or political operative to […]

15 June

Why maligned Siri is key to Apple’s future survival and dominance. Think and thank Iron Man.

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Siri, Apple’s voice-recognizing personal assistant, will change the world. It’s just got to change some minds first. When and if it does, Apple’s dominance in personal devices will be sealed and intractable for decades. Here’s why and how. Yes, after the initial “wow” of introducing and trying Siri, tech editors and the public began to […]

13 June

Mental Obesity. How poor media literacy skills can cause parents to leave children vulnerable.

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Is it okay to give a two-year old a bottle of hot sauce to drink? Of course not. If you saw another parent doing so, you’d likely call child services for such reckless action. You know that even though a baby needs food to live, allowing it to ingest certain foods at certain ages just […]

12 June

Hi, I don’t know you–except for this web picture of you dancing on a table. Three reasons why online reputation management is important.

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  Why should you care about reputation management? 1. To Avoid SEO Blackmail. I had my first encounter with this about 8 years ago when the CEO and CFO of one of my clients asked for help in this matter. Frankly, this tactic is blackmail and near slander hiding under the protection of the 1st […]

11 June

Media literacy lesson: Analysis and opinion versus news. Why opinion dominates cable news.

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Analysis and opinion media content is outpacing news content and becoming a bigger and bigger part of the media landscape and our information consumption. Often beating out real news because traditional news has one particular and discouraging trait, it’s expensive to produce. Why? Like the saying goes, “talk is cheap.” And analysis and opinion is […]

10 June

Why branding is critical for your business long-term survival.

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In my previous marketing post “Why small to media size companies often hate when marketing firms use the word ‘branding.’” I talked about how clients often roll their eyes when an ad firm or marketing consultant talk about branding. My approach “Sales to Live. Branding for Life” lets clients understand my efforts treat sales with […]

7 June

Advertising and minority marketing. Why a lot of ads end up being labeled racist. But aren’t. And why ad agencies don’t discriminate enough.

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Having spent over two decades in advertising creating and producing ads, I can tell you when you see a racially offensive ad, what you may think of as straight-out racism is often the unintentional collaboration of “me too” environment of culturally narrow perspectives. People who don’t know people beyond their own culture and lifestyle at […]

6 June

Media literacy lesson about Prop Proof. An example from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. [VIDEO]

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In my book Does This News Make Me Look Fat?, I talk about prop proof. Using a prop to back up of claim that often isn’t supported by what is the prop itself. I talk about this specific example in my book. Betsy McCaughey who came to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart with a […]

4 June

Why companies hate when marketing firms use the word “branding.”

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Small and medium sized businesses have a different mindset than large firms.  They are closer to the bills and overhead they need to pay for.  And feel the pressure everyday. Every sale. They know they need sales. For most of them, they don’t know they need branding. Branding seems like a luxury. So when the […]