31 May

To some of the baby boomers in marketing, it’s time to move, lead or get out of the way.

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In radio programing, there’s a formula for choosing music to play to an audience. Music programers know your music taste solidify around the age of 32. Yes, you can still like new music, you’re more inclined to really like, consistently listen to and know the ins-and-outs of music that falls into that music period sweet […]

30 May

Media literacy lesson: How to add the spice of drama to media content? Just add infidels.

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As I say in my book Does This News Make Me Look Fat? Ingredients like sex, outrage and drama are added to media content in order to make otherwise bland news more appealing for consumption. Today’s focus is on one ingredient: drama. Drama is to a news story what fighting is to a hockey game.  […]

25 May

Professions that will soon find themselves in the HR office getting pink slips.

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Hello industries, won’t you please take a seat? We need to talk about your future. Particularly the lack of one. Your job is about to be phased out in about 10 years or likely less if you are in one of these professions: Office Supply Store Workers Even now it’s like watching a family member […]

24 May

Why you should skip any news headline that has the word “slam” in it. (‘cept this one).

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Some real and recent headlines… “Pink Slams Chris Brown For Lip Synching at Billboard Awards.” “Christie slams Obama’s ‘preening” in Rand Paul Country.” Jon Stewart Epic Slam of Fox News” “Corey Booker Slams President Obama” Each of those headlines could be shortened to one word: “Burn.” Or if you’re feeling randy, two words: “Aw, Snap!” […]

23 May

Media Literacy Lesson: Something tastes funny in my media: Dog whistle words

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In my new book Does This News Make Me Look Fat?, “Something tastes funny” refers to when you consume media that has content or an argument with a taste to it that doesn’t seem right.  Similar to how you might bite into a hamburger and get hit with an odd taste.  It makes you slow […]

21 May

Media literacy: How ingredients inside media content wage war on your rational thinking.

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Chocolate cake.  Fattening. Lots of sugar. You know, it will destroy your diet. You know why it will. Yet, there it is (or what’s left of it) sitting on your plate. So why did you defy your own common sense and awareness to do something against your own health interest and goals?  Because it tastes […]

18 May

Data-driven marketing may be a new weapon. But beware, the customer’s also packing heat.

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I talk about data management issues in relationship to marketing and branding and product development because this will affect(possibly permanently) a business’ relationship with customers and marketing relationships if not handled right. We are living the age of data based marketing. Technology has empowered companies to collect, organize analyze and profile data to know your […]

16 May

The real reason GM dropped its $10M ad campaign on Facebook. And why their ads didn’t work

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How many of us buy motor oil at Disneyland? We’ll buy souvenirs, food and pictures at The Magic Kingdom, but probably, not motor oil if it were pitched to us. Why? Because it’s the last thing we expect to do in an entertainment venue like Disneyland. Our goal and objective entering Disneyland is to have […]

16 May

The future of media literacy? “Cause it’s got electrolytes” Why talking points we pick up from media sources to make us smart often don’t. [VIDEO]

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What are talking points? Talking points are essentially bulleted ideas; a verbally presented PowerPoint, to make bite-sized arguments that you can easily chew on and mentally digest and remember.  More and more, in our fast-food as less media literate media world, they seem to be taking the place of rich dialogue. Now creating an almost […]

14 May

A call for media literacy: What does a mentally obese world look like? A lot like the one you live in. Here’s why.

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We live in an increasingly complex world. More of a data-driven world. A world that, more and more, rewards those who are media literate and can robustly utilize and metabolize the information they consume (like financial workers, software developers, data collection firms, inventors, information marketers) by giving them insight and strategies to achieve wealth, control […]