13 May

Ever been part of the club scene? Then you know why Facebook’s days on top are numbered.

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Facebook’s IPO is coming soon. And many of the people who will pay for the initial stock offering of around $45 are betting the price will shoot up. And for a while, it will. But I think many will soon find that the high price is unrealistic and unsustainable. Why? Those who invest are thinking […]

11 May

Marketing strategy. Plop plop, fizz fizz. It’s the secret of how to get customers to buy 200% more of your product.

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Another part of marketing and persuasion is that buying often takes place at a level of our mind, just below conscious thought and intellectual review. Often getting us to buy an idea or product without realizing it. The case of marketing Alka Seltzer is a prime example. If you’ve ever bought Alka Seltzer to help […]

9 May

Critical Media Literacy Issue: Media consumption in kids is exploding with mental repercussions for your children. Especially for these key groups.

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Commonsensemedia.org reports large increases in media use among children without an increase in comparable media literacy skills. With new devices like tablets, phones and multi-use gaming devices, children can now multitask to compress an already increased media use of 7.5 hours to the data consumption equivalent of 10 hours. Thinking about that in the context […]

6 May

Media literacy lesson: The secret of why negative ads work. And will always be used far more than positive ads.

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People hate negative advertising. Or, at least, they say they do.  Yet message consultants like me keep producing them for their political clients and at a ratio 4:1 over positive ads. Why? Especially if people say they hate them so much? To beg the question: Why do you rob a bank? ‘Cause that’s where the […]

4 May

The Boogeyman. In media literacy, one of media and marketing messaging most persuasive persons. And why less is more in marketing.

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Did you ever notice nobody asks what the boogeyman does?  When you parents tell you to watch out for him (I’m assuming it’s a man. Please write me if you know otherwise) nobody ever tells you what makes him so dangerous or what he’s actually going to do to you when he shows up.  Zap […]

3 May

Are teachers to blame for leaving us media and message illiterate?

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Why teachers may have accidentally made us devalue and more vulnerable to the power of words used in media. You know why I rarely forgot to bring my gym shorts to gym class? Because if I did,  my phys ed teacher, Mr. Creath, would make me write a page from the dictionary as punishment. You’d […]

29 April

What is personality in social media? How to make sure your company successfully conveys it.

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It’s that “Je ne sais quois.” That certain something that will neither completely and comfortably fit in a corporate brand guide. Establishing an attractive, brand positive personality in social media can be elusive to businesses simply because personality marketing is dynamic and happens outside most link clicks and Twitter follows. Business’ tendency is to live […]

27 April

Why I wrote Does This News Make Me Look Fat?

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My book Does This News Make Me Look Fat? is officially launching in a few days, Tuesday the 1st of May starting with Amazon. As friends and peers become aware, they often ask why I wrote it. As a media executive and consultant, I love media. A love that only grew in my background as […]

27 April

This is an awesome Craigslist ad! Take a look.

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Anyone who has been on Craigslist knows how boring those ads can be. This one is so good it makes a 1995 Pontiac sound exciting. A good reminder for creative people, that a good creative person, creates selling opportunities, not just act on them. Source: buzzfeed.com via Brooks on Pinterest

25 April

What If The Modern Media Covered Fairy Tales? [VIDEO]

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New video supporting my book Does This News Make Me Look Fat? with humorous look at what would happen if the modern news media covered events like Goldilocks & The Three Bears, London Bridge Falling and Jack & The Beanstalk. See more at www.junkfoodmedianation.com.