Professions that will soon find themselves in the HR office getting pink slips.

Posted by on May 25, 2012

Hello industries, won’t you please take a seat? We need to talk about your future. Particularly the lack of one. Your job is about to be phased out in about 10 years or likely less if you are in one of these professions:

Office Supply Store Workers

Even now it’s like watching a family member on a respirator. With iPads, tablets and apps replacing paper, pens, document storage management, conference supplies, people have less need for notepads, pencils, copiers. Even computers. Not to mention, the people who sell them.

Ah, ah, ah… sit down, Electronic supply stores, you too.

Showrooming (going into a store to look at merchandise but buying it online) has already thinned out your store traffic. As more consumers move to Amazon and price saving apps, this trend and the need for big stores will only continue. Only last week Best Buy opening admitted this was a clear problem.

Film Processing Companies

Companies you see currently see at the end of every movie like Technicolor and Deluxe. As studios are phasing out 35mm prints at movie theaters and using all digital movies.

IT Managers

The push for cloud and virtualization and remote desktops is all about getting rid of high paid IT people and the expensive hardware you managed and keep because no one but you understands it.  That used to be your savior. But now that almost all key IT functions are now outsourceable and cheaper to scale, upgrade and manage via the cloud, except for companies that don’t have large security, intellectual property or compliance issues, many will eventually make the switch.

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