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GS1 US is the largest member of the global organization (GS1). GS1 sets standards for barcodes and product identification for every major industry worldwide. The company needed to redesign the US site to match the rest of the global organization. Faced with over a thousand-page content sprawl, a tone and voice that intimated small businesses and a site structure made content hard to find, GS1 US allowed us the opportunity to address issues around content messaging, structure and management.

Through content strategy, user and stakeholder interviews, testing and a detailed understanding of their vast business lines, I worked with the design team to:

•    Create a taxonomy to make content, including deep content, easier to find
•    Restructure the major industry audiences (Retail, Healthcare, Fresh Foods, Banking) to align with needs of audiences and stakeholders
•    Develop cohesive brand messaging, voice and tone
•    Cut and condense content for greater relevancy and engagement
•    Develop editorial guidelines and governance standards for coordinate content development
•    Streamline the online onboarding process for creating barcodes

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