Xfinity Home is both Comcast’s home security product and management system for its line of Internet of Things (IOT) devices like lights, sensors, alarms and thermostats.

As part of the in-house UX product and technology team, I helped developed IA, interactive messaging flow and support content for the activation flow of the Xfinity Home system and related products. The challenge was to create a flow that helped users, not only activate their Xfinity Home service, but set up, pair and activate related physical (IOT) products. A challenge more so as many of the products used for Xfinity Home were not natively developed for the Xfinity Home experience.

After activation, I worked on enhancing the IOT device control interface for desktop and mobile. Specifically developing an intuitive system and visual interface to help users understand how to create rules to manage their IOT products.

I also worked on web and mobile app content design for EcoSaver, a service similar to Nest’s energy-saving thermostat.


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